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Have you got problems with phonetic symbols in your linguistics home assignments or papers? To download phonetic True Type Fonts (free of charge), click here.

For information about current linguistic issues, see The Linguist List.

If you wish to enquire about studying in the UK, check the British Council's homepage (Hungary).

If you're interested in British and UK issues and news, the BBC's website is for you. You may also be interested in the BBC England site, the BBC Wales site either in English or in Welsh, the BBC Scotland site in English or in Scottish Gaelic, or the BBC Northern Ireland site. If you're a London fan, check BBC London, the Visit London pages, or the London Town site (there are, of course, numerous other useful links which you can find if you visit these pages).

For transcribing English words, there's an online pronunciation dictionary provided by ELTE SEAS.

If you want to read discussions on linguistic topics, or even join them, the Nyelvész Fórum is for you! (Alas, in Hungarian only!)

If you want to cook something nice, you can find lots of recipes here and here.